Biscuit Sampler

About our biscuits

I started my food service career as an owner of 2 diners. After I moved on from those, I began a 34 year career in food service sales, the last 26 years with Sysco. You could say food has always been my passion. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with incredible restauranteurs in four different states throughout the south as Sysco moved me between five different divisions. When I retired from the food service industry as a division President, my wife and I took 6 months off to travel and have some down time.
With a little time off I realized I was too young and social to retire and my dream had always been to go back to my roots and open another diner. As I thought about my next venture, my daughter took a school field trip with her son. They went berry picking at a strawberry farm. They came home with a ton of fresh berries, and she was in need of using them before they went bad.
She had the idea to put the berries straight into her biscuit dough and she ended up tweaking her secret biscuit recipe in order to accommodate the addition of the fresh berries. When she and my grandson brought me and my wife a pan of fresh strawberry biscuits to share, I found her biscuits to be the best I had ever eaten. From the moment I tasted them I knew exactly what our next move would be and the Twisted Biscuit concept was born.
My love of my previous diner days, a career of working with some of the best culinary minds throughout the south, and my daughter's freshly baked biscuit came together into one clear concept for us and we hit the ground running.
Our goal is to take a classic southern diner and "twist" it just like my daughter had "twisted" a normal biscuit. We look forward to introducing you all to biscuits and southern cuisine with a "twist" very soon!!
-Don Wilson, Owner